Rhea Sharma's Debate Page

Debate is one of my passions in high school

I practise the Lincoln-Douglas (LD for short) style of debate which is a one-on-one debate that involves two debaters arguing for and against a resolution that is voted on by coaches.

This is my 4th year competing with Barrington High School’s Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team. In the past 3 years, I have managed to not only learn the art and skill of debating, but also transform and lead my team to success.

Entering a student-led team wasn’t easy, but it showed me the time and commitment necessary to developing a strong debate career. I am largely self-taught, so I understand the arguments, technique, and strategy on a fundamental level. I strive to do the same for prospective competitors.

After becoming a co-captain on my team, I molded younger students into successful debaters - helping them champion tournaments and have 4 students place top 10 in the state. I’ve done the same while private coaching, and I can do the same for you. Being self-taught allows me to explain concepts at a basic level, molding an effective strategy, even when you have little to no experience or resources.

My Debate Resume

Here are the highlights of my debate career:

1. I championed my first novice local debate tournament - the Schaumburg Saxon Debate Tournament held at Schaumburg High School in Oct 2016 .

2. I have been consistently placing in top places and top speaker awards at a variety of local debate tournaments for the past 3 years.

3. I was the Semi-Finalist, 3rd place, at the Illinois State JV Tournament.

4. I have qualified twice to the National Catholic Forensic League Tournament (NCFL), one of Illinois’s 6 representatives.

5. I attended 2 weeks of VBI debate camp, where I learned the necessary skills for success and the time and resource commitment required.

6. I co-captained my high school team for 1 year, currently captaining for the 2nd year. I’ve rebuilt my team and guided them to success.

7. I private coach incoming first-years in the summer.

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